In these pages are salient facts about the scientific research undertaken for more than a decade and a half on fundamental issues such as healing, inflammation and its resolution. The information is based on studies "in vitro", basic science, pre-clinical and clinical. Also on retro-feeding recavada of the use of the products by commercialization of some of these, manufactured by other laboratories previously to the phase of having established our own laboratory. During the aforementioned tests, the exquisite safety and effectiveness of the products came to light.

Given the evidence, we can say that our offer is unique and that it is outstanding over what exists or what is obsolete and continues in the market by force of promotion. That is why whoever comes to know our products, invariably expresses having had a very pleasant experience and complete satisfaction in using them.

At the moment the laboratory has registered only the Bioactil product before the Ministry of Health. However, an preview on the remaining portfolio is provided in the Store and this Blog. As their sanitary registry is completed, these other products will be opened for sale. It is interesting to know, however, that they are already on sale in the US and that 5 of them have an NDC number.

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